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Pain/numbness, motor weakness caused by spinal nerves

What are the symptoms of damage to the nerves in the spinal cord?

Roughly speaking,

Cervical spine: Numbness and pain from shoulders to hands and fingers, difficulty in applying force to fingertips,

Lumbar spine: Pain / numbness from the waist to the legs, difficulty in applying force to the legs

In reality, the symptoms of nerve compression are different for each level of the bone in the cervical and lumbar spine.

The figure below shows the specific areas of pain / numbness and movements that are difficult to apply force, for each place where nerves are pressed.

I select and write nerves that are particularly susceptible to damage. The area surrounded by red is the place where you feel numbness or pain.

If you are suffering from similar pain, numbness, or weakness, the cause may be the nerves of the spinal cord.

If some of the below apply, we recommend you to visit the clinic.

<Cervical spine>

 Symptoms of nerve bundles (cervical cord)

□ Fingertips are numb

□ Difficult to pick things up

□ Difficult to use chopsticks, knives and forks

□ Difficult to fasten the button

□ Difficult to write with a pen

□ Difficult to walk

□ Difficult to climb stairs

□ Easy to trip on small steps

□ It feels tight and difficult to walk

Symptoms of nerve branches (nerve roots)

□ If you tilt your neck backwards, your arms will become more painful and numb.

□ Raising your hand will ease the pain and numbness of your arm.

Symptoms of the 5th nerve branch (C5)

□ Pain / numbness from the shoulder to the outside of the arm

□ Difficult to raise shoulders

□ Difficult to bend elbows

Symptoms of the 6th nerve branch (C6)

□ Wrists are hard to warp

□ Pain / numbness from shoulder to upper arm, thumb and index finger

Symptoms of the 7th nerve branch (C7)

□ Difficult to extend elbows

□ Pain / numbness from the arm to the middle finger

Symptoms of the 8th nerve branch (C8)

□Pain / numbness from the arm to the little finger

□ Difficult to stretch fingers

□ It is difficult to close the cap of the PET bottle

<Lumbar spine>

Symptoms of the 4th nerve branch (L4)

□ Pain / numbness near the hip joint (it doesn’t hurt even if you move the hip joint)

□ Pain / numbness of the thigh and the inside of the calf

□ Knee strength may be lost

Symptoms of the 5th nerve branch (L5)


□ Pain / numbness of the outside of thigh and calf

□ Difficult to raise toes (Slippers are easy to take off, it is easy to trip on small things, etc.)

Symptoms of the lower nerve (S1) branch

□ Pain / numbness in the back of thigh and calf

□ It is difficult to apply force to the calf (Difficult to kick your legs, difficult to climb stairs)