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Welcome to the homepage of Spine surgeon Kazuhiro Yoshimura.

I am a doctor specializing in spine surgery at the Osaka Neurological Institute in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

I have created this homepage with the goal of making it as easy as possible for people suffering from spinal disorders to understand the reality of the disease.

Many people have problems with symptoms such as numbness, pain, and weakness in their limbs. The cause may be a disease of the limbs themselves or the brain, but it is more often caused by the nerve tissue that continues from the brain, especially the nerves in the spinal cord. It has been a long time since it has been called an aging society, but the number of patients suffering from age-related deformation of bones and the pain and numbness associated with the deformation is increasing day by day.

I have also suffered from severe back pain, so I want patients to improve as much as possible, and to get rid of pain and numbness as soon as possible.

I’m a surgeon, but from my experience with back pain, I always think about not only surgery but also the methods before it. In clinical practice, we are actively adopting block treatment. In addition, even if surgery is required, endoscopic surgery is performed as much as possible to reduce the pain and physical burden on the patient after surgery.

Knowing the causes of pain and numbness, knowing specific treatments, and that alone will alleviate anxiety about the illness. It may be a good opportunity to start treatment with a positive feeling. I hope my homepage will be useful for those who have spinal problems, pain and numbness.