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Block treatment for pain caused by spinal and peripheral nerves

What other treatments are there besides medicine?

If pain or numbness is the main symptom, first we prescribe a drug that is effective against neuralgia.

If the effect is still insufficient, add Chinese herbs.

If the drug is not effective enough, block treatment is a way to get rid of the pain.

There are many types of block treatments, but it is more effective to use fluoroscopy or ultrasound equipment to pinpoint the area in the immediate vicinity of the target nerve.

Many people get rid of pain and numbness with these block treatments and do not need surgery or even medication.

Lumbar nerve root block

An anesthetic is injected near the nerve roots in the lower back. This is done while photographing the lumbar spine with a high-resolution fluoroscopy device (angiography device, manufactured by SIEMENS). By checking with a clear image, it is possible to relieve pain more safely and effectively. In the past, the mainstream method was to apply the needle directly to the nerve, but it could be quite painful. Currently, a method of injecting a drug solution immediate vicinity of the nerve without applying a needle is a safe and sufficient analgesic effect. It is used to treat pain caused by lumbar spinal canal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, and lumbar disc herniation. It takes about 10 minutes. You need to rest on the bed for about 20-30 minutes after the injection.

(Transvertebral foramen) Cervical epidural block

(arrow: nerve root and epidural space)

This procedure is performed for pain and numbness caused by cervical spondylotic myelopathy. Direct injections into the spinal canal of the cervical spine are somewhat dangerous, so injections are made through the intervertebral foramen of the thoracic spine and the drug is flushed into the cervical spine. It takes about 10 minutes. You need to rest on the bed for about 20-30 minutes after the injection

Cervical nerve root block

(*nerve root、arrow: needle)

The injection is performed while checking the position of the nerve with an ultrasound device. Especially in the cervical spine, there is a blood vessel called the vertebral artery that flows near the nerve to the brain, but it is safer to use echo because the blood vessel is clearly visible. It is used to treat pain caused by cervical disc herniation and cervical spondylosis.

It takes about 5 minutes. Rest on the sofa for about 15 minutes after the injection.

Median nerve block

confirm the median nerve by ultrasound and inject nearby

yellow arrow : median nerve

While confirming the position of the median nerve by echo, inject an anesthetic from the side of the median nerve toward the deep part of the carpal tunnel. It is used as a treatment for finger pain and numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It takes about 5 minutes.

Rest on the sofa for about 15 minutes after the injection.

Sciatic nerve block

(red: sciatic nerve yellow:piriformis muscle )

It is a method to confirm the sciatic nerve behind the muscle of the buttocks (piriformis muscle) by ultrasound device and inject an analgesic near the nerve. We use high resolution echo to provide safer and more effective treatment. This block is valid in diagnosis and treatment of piriformis syndrome. It takes about 10 minutes.

Please rest on the sofa for about 15 minutes after the injection.

Is there any risk in block injections?

In many kinds of block therapies, we inject an anesthetic in the immediate vicinity of the nerve, so there is a slight risk of damaging the nerve with a needle. To maximize the safety of block injections, we use high-resolution fluoroscopes used in catheterization and state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. There have been no complications of nerve damage in the last few years. However, the action of the anesthetic on the motor nerves may temporarily make it difficult to apply force to the limbs after the block. This is also evidence that the anesthetic is working effectively on the nerves, and in most cases it will lighten in about 30 minutes to an hour.