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Causes and treatment of back pain

What are treatments for back pain?

Even if you say back pain in a word, there are various causes.

It goes without saying that we listen to the patient’s symptoms in detail and make a thorough examination, but it is not easy to determine the cause of back pain by itself. In reality, you will be treating and searching for the cause at the same time.

In addition, there are many treatments for back pain in the world.

In fact, it is difficult for one doctor to do all of them. Even for us, we basically start treatment by taking medicine. However, if that doesn’t help, we have a policy of treating back pain from the nerves. This is a treatment that relieves pain by pinpointing the nerves that are feeling pain in the lower back and injecting a block.

We will explain the causes of the most common back pain and block treatments for them.

Facet pain

It is a low back pain that is caused by stimulating the surrounding nerves (medial branch of the posterior branch) by damaging the part (facet joint) where the bones are connected behind.

If you bend your back, it will hurt your lower back. It will hurt even if you push the outside about 3 cm from the center of the waist. The outside of the foot may hurt.

(dotted line: facet joint arrow : needle tip)

We perform block treatment called posterior branch medial branchblock. It is a method to accurately inject a block into the nerve (inner branch of the posterior branch) that is feeling pain in the lower back while checking with an roentgen. It will take about 10-15 minutes.

Sacroiliac joint pain

The joint between the sacrum and the ilium, which are the bones of the pelvis, is called the sacroiliac joint.

Low back pain is caused by the slight displacement of the sacroiliac joints, which stimulates the nerves distributed in the surrounding tissue.

You have pain in the area near the buttocks of the waist and in the legs.

You can’t sit in a chair for a long time

You can’t sleep on my back

You can’t sleep with the painful side down

Symptoms such as appear.

(Dotted line: sacroiliac joint. arrowhead :injection needle)

A block treatment called sacroiliac joint block is performed.

It is a method of performing a block injection into the nerve on the surface of the sacroiliac joint while checking with an roentgen. One sacroiliac joint block finishes in about 10-15 minutes.


Myofascial low back pain

The membrane between the muscles is called the fascia, which is the cause of low back pain. It hurts when you press it, it hurts when you move your body, it hurts when you keep the same posture, and so on, so you cannot diagnose it from the symptoms alone.

An echo-guided hydrorelease treatment is performed.

(yellow :thoracolumbar fascia, red: injected drug solution)

This is a method of injecting a drug into the fascia of a damaged muscle while checking the muscles and fascia of the lower back with an ultrasound device. Other block injections may be used in combination.